What are people saying about Kathleen Hiatt Cutter, L.Ac.?

“Kathleen is a dedicated and gifted healer. I’m currently recovering from a severe ankle fracture and after each of Kathleen’s treatments, I notice stark improvements — greater mobility, decreased swelling and enhanced overall well-being (quality of sleep, etc). Her professionalism, intelligence and rigorous, evidence-based training, combined with her deeply caring and attuned approach, give me total confidence in her treatments. I give her the highest possible recommendation!” —J.C., San Anselmo

“I have been going to Kathleen for over 10 years. She has taken me from a very allergy ridden individual to a very healthy and virtually allergy free person. Through Kathleen’s acupuncture and herbal remedies, I have been able to control my allergies. She is now taking me through my next stage in life, menopause, and again, through her acupuncture techniques and herbs, I feel in control, less moody and have more energy. I see Kathleen once a month for my “tune-up”. Kathleen cares deeply for her clients and I highly recommend her.”  —Deborah, Kentfield

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“I came to Kathleen Hiatt Cutter’s acupuncture practice for treatment of a combination of hay fever and food allergies. The successful results came quickly, with a noticeable difference by the second treatment, and these have been sustained. Although I sought Kathleen initially for specific allergies, my health as a whole has improved, no doubt testament to her professional skill and passion for well being in all its aspects.”  —Nancy, San Francisco

“As her client, Kathleen has helped me tremendously with issues ranging from chronic headaches to recovery from a complicated miscarriage. As her colleague, I have trusted her with my clients dealing with shoulder pain, vertigo, fertility issues, and more–all have returned with glowing reports of Kathleen’s expertise, warmth, and professionalism. From the generous amount of time Kathleen allots for her intake interviews to her thoughtful follow-up phone calls, it is clear she stands out among acupuncturists: dedicated, sensitive, and with a great love for her work.” Catherine Le Fevre, Massage Therapist and Certified Hellerwork Practitioner, Fairfax

“I cannot recommend Kathleen Hiatt Cutter more highly. As an acupuncturist, we have worked together on the tendonitis in my hands and arms that, for me, comes from years of intensive computer work. I have found her treatments more effective for pain than rounds of conventional physical therapy. To everyone experiencing this common and painful condition I would like you to know that acupuncture was recommended to me as a drug-free defense against pain and inflammation by my Hand Specialist, and is supported by my insurers (both my health insurance and Workers Compensation insurance). Thank you, Kathleen (for not only working with my insurers) for giving me great confidence that I can keep doing what I do, on into the future.  As a Chinese herbalist, Kathleen treats my whole family! From my toddler’s colds and fevers, my own history with urinary tract infections, to my husband’s travel-related illness (a parasitic infection), she has proven again and again to be knowledgeable, compassionate and very, very effective. As a busy and overwhelmed working mother concerned about the long-term effects of antibiotics, what a relief it is to have Kathleen as our first line of defense!”   Jana, Fairfax

“When you see a western doctor for a sprained arm or ankle, it gets wrapped. And then you wait, for weeks. When I saw Kathleen Hiatt Cutter for treatment for a sprained wrist, the waiting lasted hours before the swelling visibly decreased and the pain subsided. Comfortable, limited movement was possible by the second day. Of course, full healing still took time, but significantly less so than it would have otherwise. (I am certain because I have done this before; I have an active lifestyle.) I have also been treated for tension and anxiety. Utilizing both herbs and acupuncture Kathleen aided me by addressing both acute and chronic complaints and guiding me into a much sought after sustainable lifestyle. She possesses an up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of eastern medicine and knows how to combine it in our western world that includes western medicine, and unfamiliarity with eastern practices. She is astute and above all, devoted to working with her patients.”     N. E., Mill Valley

“Being a kid, I get pains and colds.  Instead of going to the doctor which usually hurts, I get acupuncture treatments from my mom.  Instead of hurting, the herbs and massages relax and heal me quickly. I am very lucky to have an acupuncturist as a mom.”  Anya age 10

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