About Kathleen

Kathleen specializes in treating chronic health conditions. Her focus is both on acquired and autoimmune diseases, treatment of the side effects of cancer treatments, pain, stress, and life.  Because life is chronic.

Kathleen understands that with any illness or discomfort not only do our physical bodies need to be attended to but we also need to address the ripple effects on our heart and mind in order to fully heal.

Kathleen first became interested in treating disease at a young age when her mother became sick and died of cancer.  This interest was intensified when she experienced her own chronic pain, and also when she was studying the medical system in rural India as an undergraduate.  While living in rural India, Kathleen observed how the villagers responded to strokes, accidents, mental disorders, and basic illness by using modern Western treatments as well as the local herbalists.   This experience led Kathleen led to her first medical epiphany:  Western medicine wasn’t the only choice in health care. In fact, using additional medical approaches often led to better health outcomes.  

As a result, Kathleen was inspired to find a medical system that addresses all aspects of human suffering: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.  She found this holistic, “four-fold” approach in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Kathleen Hiatt Cutter, L.Ac. photo Suzanne Gogna

While undergoing her formal and rigorous acupuncture and herbal studies at San Francisco’s American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, she concurrently trained under two acupuncture masters and upon graduation, trained under an herbal master.  She integrates all these teachings into the compassionate care and treatment of all her patients.

She became nationally licensed in 1999 and opened her private practice the same year she earned her California acupuncture license in 2000.   Subsequently, Kathleen has complimented her continuing acupuncture technique and herbal studies with the Emotional Freedom Technique and her medical expertise with Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis.  

One of Kathleen’s greatest teachings has been her children who help her to balance life, deep listening, and to be in the present moment.  She also finds great joy by being in nature.

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