KathleenWelcome to four fold approach to wellness.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine conditions are evaluated and addressed by the four-fold approach:  the physical, mental, emotional, and “spiritual” aspects of an illness or disease are treated.  It is said that a condition cannot be successfully resolved unless all four are treated.

Kathleen treats each individual using the four fold approach.  She regards herself as a catalyst on the path of healing. She feels her best work is with individuals who want to participate in their healing process. She makes suggestions, offers herbs, acupuncture and also uses the Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT to support the client’s body in its renewal. Her clients, with this support and guidance, come to a better understanding of their health and how to best navigate optimal well-being.

Commonly, acupuncturists attend from 2 to 4 clients at any given time, some see 25 clients or more a day. Kathleen’s practice is unique in that she treats one client at a time. For the two hour initial appointment and hour follow appointment, Kathleen focuses her attention and energy on the single client continually monitoring and adjusting the treatment to maximize the benefit for the client.