The Four-Fold Approach to Wellness

What is the Four-Fold Path to Wellness?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, all medical conditions are considered to have physical, mental,

emotional, and “spiritual” involvement. Therefore, it is said that a medical condition cannot be successfully resolved unless each of these components is treated.  Kathleen approaches every patient in every treatment using this four-fold path to wellness.

Let’s apply this four-fold approach to an example: chronic back pain. Such a person physically suffers from the sensation of pain possibly interrupting sleep or making it difficult to do daily activities. This constant pain and lack of sleep understandably affect his or her emotions and mood.  This may make him or her irritable or depressed.  Mentally, debilitating back pain may make it difficult to concentrate or focus on work.  The “spiritual” aspect of back pain, doesn’t necessarily relate to believing in God or even having a spiritual practice. It refers to having a sense of purpose or meaning and connection in life.  The person with chronic back pain may not be able to ski or garden or play with their kids. As a result of the pain, the person cannot do the very activities which give his or her life meaning or purpose.    These complicating factors, if ignored, will prevent complete or lasting healing.

Kathleen’s unique approach:

Commonly, acupuncturists work with two to four clients at any given time, some see 25 clients or more a day. Kathleen’s practice is unique in that she treats one client at a time. During each treatment, Kathleen focuses her attention and energy on the single client continually monitoring and adjusting the treatment to maximize the benefit for the client.

Kathleen has many tools and techniques that she can use for her clients’ greatest benefit.  In addition to acupuncture, Kathleen offers individualized herbal formulas, cupping, moxibustion, and dietary advice.  Kathleen compliments these traditional Chinese medical techniques with functional blood analysis to provide more exact nutritional advice.  Additionally, she may use the  Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT help resolve stubborn health issues.

Her clients, with this support and guidance, come to a better understanding of their health and how to best navigate optimal well-being. 

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